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Remember our college days when we'd dance the night away? Who can ever forget taking a party or night club by storm with the now legendary Running Man or Electric Slide? Way back then, dancing was social, entertaining and so much fun that we never even realized how hard we were working. 


Dancing is a fantastic workout! Because of the non-stop movement, grooving over a period of five or six songs translates to about 25 minutes of great cardiovascular exercise. Strength training comes with our quads, hamstrings, glutes and Core muscles working overtime to allow us to be fabulous on our fancy feet. The shifting from one leg to the other, forward and backward, side to side, dramatically improves our balance. The undulations and smooth movements of our torso and hips improve our flexibility. And as a bonus, since California is now a "no smoking in public places" state, nightclubs are a much healthier environment in which to master old and new moves while getting a great workout. 

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But, Ladies, before you dash off to the club for a night of fun and exercise, be sure to put on comfortable shoes. Good shoes are a must to keep your joints in healthy alignment, to prevent slipping, and to spare the balls of your feet from the pounding on the cement. Those glorious but uncomfortable high heels not only can cause injury, but also result in the "I'm so cute, I'll just stand here and wiggle slightly" dance move, which means you won't receive the cardio (and fun) benefits of dancing the night away. Armed with flat shoes, comfortable clothing and a good friend, you'll be ready to pump up the volume, get your groove on and have some fun without hurting.  Now's the time to get out there and show everyone your fancy footwork as you strengthen your muscles, improve your flexibility and balance, and get a solid cardio workout while having the time of your life.